we all have been degraded
we all will be the greatest


This ship is sinking, I’m thinking I’m done for watch as the sails disappear underwater, ‘Cause I’m no captain yet

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A preview of photos of The Story So Far, Neck Deep and the Maine from the Mountain View, CA Vans Warped Tour on June 21. More photos will be up soon on our Flickr!

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Dude I wanna be in a band so bad

Like I’m not even worried about getting famous or anything I just wanna cover songs and form friendships and play lame shows at tiny venues

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hahahahahHAHAHAHHA it’s I’ve almost hit 10k giveaway time motherfuckers. 

okay so this is just legit some of the random stuff i was going to like idk sell on ebay or someshit its like all my older merch of bands i dont listen to no more. but tumblr giveaway? why not hahaha.

(sorry there isnt too much stuff this time, but ill like add stuff to it when it gets to a certain amout of notes)

okay sit down and stfu, its rule time:

must be following me (exrthwalker) seeing as it is a giveaway for my lovely followers .-.

likes dont count (but you wont be disqualified for liking it or anything) so reblogs only 

(i will check if the winner is following me)

and i will use a random generator to choose the winner

oh and i WILL ship worldwide

idk when im choosing the winner yet. but it must get like a decent amount of notes 

so the giveaway includes:

1x asking alexandria from death to destiny poster 

1x ptv this is a wasteland poster

1x sws if you were a movie this would be your soundtrack poster

1x set of sws member posters and feel poster

1x bear beanie (its super soft)

1x pink GHD hair straightener (works hella good, i just got a new one so)

1x pair of grey vans (they are my brothers but hes never worn them bc they were “too small”) size mens 7, womens 8.5

1x ahs murder house season one

1x signed sws poster

1x ptv collide with the sky

1x sws feel

1x atl dont panic

1x mayday parade monsters in the closet

1x perks of being a wallflower

1x looking for alaska

1x paper towns

1x superhero movies haha

1x omam logo shirt

1x ptv without you there is no me shirt

okay so shirts are medium and i guess message me with any questions. enjoy guys love you all 

oh and idc how many times you reblog it. I will only count up to ten so don’t piss off your lovely followers okay.

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